Georgia Ivy

If you’re living in Atlanta, chances are you’ve encountered the ivy that is all over the trees here. This ivy, called “kudzu” is a very aggressive invader and grows at a rapid rate. It’s common all over Georgia and takes over vegetation all around the city and the state.

This ivy threatens all vegetation levels, as it takes over wherever it can grow. When the ivy takes over a form of vegetation, it blocks essential light from reaching the plant, which stunts future growth. It also prevents the plant from producing new leaves or branches and can be heavy enough to cause a tree to fall over or break during a severe storm.

In short, ivy does kill trees but, it does not happen overnight. Ivy will continue to grow wherever it can and it will take sunlight and water from the trees and vegetation it grows over. This is not an immediate problem but ivy can live for a long time, much longer than the tree will in the current state. This is where Atlanta tree care comes in.

Ways to Remove Ivy Yourself

If you’ve noticed that the trees on your property are covered in ivy, consider taking action in order to save your trees.

  • Ivy that dangles from a tree will eventually dry up and fall down, so cut a circle of it from around the tree trunk and free up a 12-inch long section and let it hang.
  • Pull the ivy from the roots as far as 6 feet around the tree. Clearing it from the ground will keep it from climbing up the tree.
  • Be very careful when disposing of your ivy as it resprouts easily and quickly!

How to Prevent Ivy From Spreading

Once you’ve removed the ivy, make sure you do some work on prevention as well:

  • Twist the ivy completely to break the cellulose bond
  • Dry out the ivy in the sun
  • Deposit the ivy in an active compost pile

If you’re wary about removing the ivy yourself, you can always contact a tree specialist in Atlanta. At Yellow Ribbon Tree Experts, we are ready to help with any tree care issues you encounter. Contact us today for more information or for a free quote.

Image courtesy of: Wikimedia Commons / Jud McCranie