Keeping the trees on your property healthy should be a top priority, especially since the common diseases that affect them are frequently contagious. It is rarely the case where only one specimen becomes afflicted, so it is imperative that home and business owners keep a watchful eye out for any changes that may occur.

Our Atlanta tree removal specialists are aware that many people lack the proper experience to accurately assess tree health, which is why we recommend that you contact us at the first sign of an issue. It is far better to be safe than sorry if you think something is not right. The sooner the disease is identified, the sooner our Atlanta tree service technicians can isolate the affected tree and stop the damage from spreading further.

It’s important to note that trees need an adequate supply of water, sunlight and soil nutrition. Problems begin to arise when any one of these factors is hindered. This is not to say that you can control the spread of fungal diseases or always prevent an infection from happening, but healthier trees stand a far greater chance of surviving the onslaught of disease.

Types of Tree Disease

Fungal decay comes in the form of brown and white rot, both of which are equally destructive in their own right. The former eats away at the tree’s cellulose levels until only the lignin remains. When this happens, the wood turns dark and eventually becomes extremely brittle. On the other hand, white rot attacks every part and transform it into spongy matter if it’s left untreated. Various fungal diseases like honey fungus can result from brown and white rot.

An equally fatal array of diseases come can be blamed on bacterial and viral infections. Sick trees (e.g. ones harmed by insect infestations or the elements) are highly vulnerable to these afflictions. Whether they occur in acute or chronic form, the prevailing symptoms of a tree that has been affected by bacteria or a virus are foliage deterioration, sparse twigs and branches and yellowing leaves.

If there is one disease that warrants an emergency call to our Atlanta tree removal company, it is ash dieback. This nasty fungus, which was initially identified in Europe in 2006, causes detrimental lesions on branch stems, leaves, and crowns.

The best advice we can give to our customers is to keep your trees as healthy as possible at all times with proper care and maintenance. Reach out to Yellow Ribbon Tree Experts for more information.