If you’ve had trees in the yard of your Atlanta home for many years, it can be easy to assume that nothing can harm them. However, even if you give your trees the regular care they need, it can be possible for them to experience diseases that threaten their long-term health. Unfortunately, even the most vigilant homeowner can be unaware of the warnings signs of tree disease, possibly allowing their trees to suffer irreparable damage before the threat is noticed.

Here are a few tree disease warning signs that you need to be aware of, and advice for preserving the health of your trees with professional help.

Watch Out for Dying Limbs

The clearest sign that your trees are suffering from disease is also the one that homeowners most often overlook: dead or dying limbs. While dying or dead limbs don’t always indicate disease, they can be a red flag depending on the time of the year. If you notice multiple dead limbs during growing season, for example, it can mean a serious underlying problem.

Examine your tree and look for limbs that appear fragile or are turning gray, and if you see these issues, call a professional tree service.

Don’t Ignore Bugs

Damage to a tree from a Southern Pine beetle- Let Atlanta area tree authorities remedy your treesMost people assume that it’s natural for trees in their yard to be teeming with bug life, and while it’s true that insects will commonly be found on trees, not every bug species is harmless. Although homeowners are generally aware of the risks posed by termites, few realize there are other bugs that can hurt your tree’s health. Invasive bug species can eat your tree’s leaves and deprive it of nutrients, causing harm and sometimes death.

Look for damage to the trunks of your trees if you suspect harmful insects are taking over.

Beware of Mushrooms

It’s a common misconception that mushrooms belong around a tree’s base, especially during the wetter times of the year. However, extensive mushroom growth is a huge warning sign that your tree is in danger and needs professional care.

Certain types of mushroom only grow where there is decay, and if you see many mushrooms growing around your tree, it could mean that your tree is experiencing disease or is in the process of dying. When mushrooms start growing around your tree, take immediate action to reverse the situation.

Growth in the Wrong Places

When spring rolls around, homeowners expect to see new growth in their yard. However, while you’re enjoying this new growth, your trees may be suffering the consequences. There should never be new plant growth at the base of your tree. If there is, it could mean a problem with your tree’s root system, which means your tree is lacking the nutrients it needs to thrive. New growth at the base of your tree is a sign that you need professional assistance.

Get Advice About Tree Disease Warning Signs

If you notice any of these tree disease warning signs, you need to consult with the professionals at Yellow Ribbon Tree Experts. Our team is very familiar with the diseases that trees can suffer from, and we can examine the trees at your home and tell you whether anything can be done or if you need to start thinking about tree removal.

Get a free estimate from us today and make sure that your trees stay healthy well into the future.