We have been called to help with Alpharetta tree services as well as a wide range of other yard maintenance activities in our many years as an Atlanta tree company. In that time, we’ve had our share of clearing different types of debris, including fallen tree branches of varying sizes.

Weak branches can be especially dangerous to life, limb and property since they can break off at any time.

Knowing what causes tree limbs to suddenly break off and fall can help you anticipate problems and be proactive in preventing them from happening. Contact us for a free estimate.

Included Bark

When the annual rings of wood from the branch grow together with the rings of wood from the stem, a strong branch union is formed. These types of tree limbs are less likely to fall off without warning.

Sometimes however, a weak branch union does occur. This happens when a branch and a stem grow so closely together that bark grows between them, a condition that is also known as included bark. As this included bark grows inside the tree, the union between the branch and the stem is continually weakened. The attachment of the branch to the stem can be so compromised that it falls off at the slightest provocation.

Some tree species have been identified as having a tendency to form included bark. Silver maple, European mountain ash, cherry, Bartlett pear and willow are some examples of these types of trees. If you have such a tree in your property, watch it closely for any signs of weakened branches. A professional arborist can help you determine whether it has included bark so you can take steps to forestall any accidents or damage from fallen branches.

Water Sprouts

Injury, environmental stress or poor pruning practices can cause the formation of water sprouts, or epicormic branches, which are the new branches that replace the injured, damaged or newly pruned branches. Epicormic branches are not typically attached to the center of the stem and because of this, they naturally form weak branch unions.

Additionally, epicormic branches grow rapidly and become heavy quickly. Since they are not attached to the center of the stem, they have a tendency to break off and fall when the branch they are attached to can no longer support their increased weight.

The trees that grow on your property can be a source of shade, fruits and much delight.

They are also a responsibility. As a homeowner, you should closely observe the trees on your property to help prevent any unfortunate incident from fallen tree limbs.

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