5 Products That Are Linked to the Destruction of Our Rain Forests

5 Products That Are Linked to the Destruction of Our Rain Forests

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5 Products That Are Linked to the Destruction of Our Rain Forests

As a long-time provider of tree trimming and removal services in Georgia, our knowledge of and experience with trees is vast and encompassing. We are well aware of the role trees play in our local and world-wide ecosystem, in beautifying our environment and in maintaining the planet’s health by providing it with clean air.

The destruction of our rain forests is devastating on any scale and from any point of view. Once covering 14 percent of the land surface of the earth, rain forests now comprise a mere 6 percent. If nothing is done to stem this loss, scientists and environmentalists estimate that the remaining rain forests will be gone in less than 40 years. Click here to read more »

What Is Fracking and How Does It Destroy Trees?

As a trusted company providing a variety of dependable tree services including safe tree removal, we have an abiding respect for our magnificent arboreal neighbors. Trees provide shelter and food not only for birds and small animals, but for humans as well. They are the lungs of the planet, helping to provide all life on earth with something they need in order to live – clean air. This is why their widespread destruction of trees is something that we will always oppose. Click here to read more »

The Best Trees of Autumn

Autumn is a fantastic time of the year for those of us who love trees. Trees begin to change their leaves to create stunning color displays that amaze and delight us. Some trees are more breathtaking than others, however. Here are our favorite trees of fall. Click here to read more »

Why Do Leaves on Trees Change Colors in the Fall?

One of the most delightful things about autumn is how some trees’ leaves change color from green to bright yellows, oranges, reds and browns in preparation for winter. Although this is a common occurrence, our tree removal professionals in Georgia wish to explain why trees undergo this process. Click here to read more »

Soil Erosion and Its Effect on Our Trees

We have successfully provided a wide range of residential and commercial tree services in the Atlanta area for more than 25 years. In that time, we have assisted countless customers in Atlanta tree removal, debris hauling and disaster recovery. We have also shared the wealth of knowledge that we have gained as professional tree experts with our customers.

One of the topics that we feel very strongly about is soil erosion. The effects of soil erosion on plant life and farming are serious. It not only adversely impacts the farming industry, but it also affects the lives and livelihood of millions of people all over the world who depend on the food and income from farms. Click here to read more »

Reasons Why Trees Topple Over in a Storm

We have been providing reliable Atlanta tree removal services for well over two decades. In that time, we have seen the devastation that fallen trees can wreak on communities and families throughout Georgia. It is not surprising for fallen trees to cause millions of dollars in property damage after a period of extended rain or heavy storms. The toll on human lives can be even more devastating. Click here to read more »

History of the International Society of Arboriculture

We are a long-time provider of a wide range of reliable Atlanta tree services. In that time, we have developed a keen appreciation of the vital role these rooted wonders play in the health of the planet and in our very existence, which is why we are committed advocates of proper tree care. Click here to read more »

The Best Time to Plant a Tree

Tree planting need not be reserved for the spring months. Trees and shrubs can just as well be planted in autumn, though our Yellow Ribbon arborists know that certain factors will need to be taken into account. Click here to read more »

Why Trees Are Beneficial to the Environment

Many of us take Mother Nature for granted every day. Mass commercial development, pollution and a rapid increase in logging activities has placed great strain on the planet and its natural resources. A lot of people forget that without trees, the Earth’s oxygen levels would be depleted. Trust Georgia’s top tree service company — by just planting one, you are making a significant contribution to the environment. Click here to read more »

Diseases That Could Potentially Harm Your Tree

Keeping the trees on your property healthy should be a top priority, especially since the common diseases that affect them are frequently contagious. It is rarely the case where only one specimen becomes afflicted, so it is imperative that home and business owners keep a watchful eye out for any changes that may occur.

Our Atlanta tree removal specialists are aware that many people lack the proper experience to accurately assess tree health, which is why we recommend that you contact us at the first sign of an issue. It is far better to be safe than sorry if you think something is not right. The sooner the disease is identified, the sooner our Atlanta tree service technicians can isolate the affected tree and stop the damage from spreading further. Click here to read more »