Tips for Growing and Maintaining Healthy Trees

Tips for Growing and Maintaining Healthy Trees

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Tips for Growing and Maintaining Healthy Trees

Your yard and the landscaping of your yard are probably important to you. When you are manicuring your lawn and flowers, you might realize that your trees need some extra attention, too.

As a long-time Atlanta tree company, we know that trees need help with maintenance and growth throughout their lives. When you assist them with this process, your lawn will be filled with beautiful and thriving trees. Healthy trees are not only beautiful, but also a great return investment on your real estate. A nice shady tree can even help with cooling costs in the summer time.  Click here to read more »

How To Care for Your Dying Tree

As a trusted Atlanta tree company, we are primarily concerned with the health of the trees on your property. Healthy trees benefit both humans and the planet in terms of giving shade, providing food, cleaning up the air and beautifying the environment.

It is important to consult professional tree specialists as soon as you detect something amiss with your tree’s health. Below are symptoms of a dying or deceased tree. Watch out for them and contact us right away when you notice any of them on the trees on your property. Click here to read more »

Why Pruning Your Trees Is Important

With more than two decades of providing a wide range of superior tree removal services, we have shared much of the information and knowledge we have acquired with our clients. After all, taking good care of the trees on your property benefits not only you as the homeowner, but also the larger community.

Healthy trees are not only visually appealing; they also provide shelter for many beneficial insects, provide shade and help clean the air by taking in carbon dioxide and producing oxygen.

Pruning is part of regular tree maintenance. Aside from promoting tree health and encouraging correct growth, here are other reasons for pruning trees. Click here to read more »

What Causes Limbs To Fall in Your Yard?

We have been called to help with Alpharetta tree services as well as a wide range of other yard maintenance activities in our many years as an Atlanta tree company. In that time, we’ve had our share of clearing different types of debris, including fallen tree branches of varying sizes.

Weak branches can be especially dangerous to life, limb and property since they can break off at any time.

Knowing what causes tree limbs to suddenly break off and fall can help you anticipate problems and be proactive in preventing them from happening. Contact us for a free estimate. Click here to read more »

When Is a Tree Too Close To Your Home?

Having trees on your property is beneficial in many ways. They provide a shady respite from the hot summer sun. If they are deciduous trees, you are treated to an annual fall display of colors before the onset of the cold weather. But as a seasoned Atlanta tree company, we know that some trees can also pose certain dangers for homeowners and their property. If you notice one or all of the signs below, reach out to us. That beautiful tree in your yard may be too close to your home and could be a source of potential harm to your property and family. Click here to read more »

Tips for Choosing the Right Tree Removal Company

Whether you just want the trees on your property trimmed or you have a dangerous tree that needs to be cut down, finding the right tree company can be a challenge for most ordinary homeowners. This is especially true for first-time homeowners and for those who have never had such services done before. In our experience as a long-time Atlanta tree service company, your search for the right tree company should begin with the following: Click here to read more »

5 Strange Things You Didn’t Know About Trees

As a company that provides a wide variety of tree services in Atlanta, we deal with different types of trees every single day. The more we are around these amazing living creatures, the more in awe of them we become. Below are some of the more interesting facts about trees that you might not know.

Trees Balance Oxygen and Carbon

A single mature tree can absorb as much as 50 pounds of carbon dioxide a year. The same tree can produce close to 6,000 pounds of oxygen a year, which is enough to keep at least two people alive. And because trees grow faster as they age, their ability for carbon sequestration and photosynthesis increase as they mature. Little wonder then that trees are sometimes referred to as the lungs of the planet.

Self-Protection and Communication

Trees release chemicals called phenolics into their leaves when they are attacked by insects. These are noxious compounds that repel insects because they find it distasteful. Additionally, once a tree is attacked, it signals nearby trees about the danger so they can protect themselves as well. Experts believe trees send out chemicals into the wind to warn other trees or resort to electrical signals sent through the network of interconnected roots.

Trees Save Us Money and Energy

Large trees can release as much as 100 gallons of water into the air in the form of water vapor through the stomata of its leaves. This has a cooling effect equivalent to 10 room-sized air conditioners running 20 hours a day. So if you have large trees on your property, you will need less fuel to cool your house in the summer, saving both energy and money.

Trees Are the Oldest Living Things on Earth

The Pando colony of quaking Aspens in Utah is believed to be the oldest living organism on the planet. Parts of its interconnected root stock that links the entire colony is more than 80,000 years old. Covering more than 103 acres and weighing more than 6,500 tons, it is also the heaviest known organism on earth.

Trees Provide Shelter and Food

Trees can support hundreds of different species of insects. A wide variety of lichens also live directly on some trees, providing food for small animals and birds. Acorns are part of the daily diet of several birds and animals including wild boars, pheasants, ducks, squirrels, badgers and deer.

If you’re looking for reliable and efficient tree services in Marietta, Alpharetta and Roswell or need assistance with stump and tree removal in Atlanta, call us. Our tree specialists will gladly give you a free estimate within 24 hours of receiving your request. Here at Yellow Ribbon, you can expect a wide array of professional tree services, including tree trimming in Atlanta as well as disaster and storm recovery.


Is Winter a Good Time for Tree Pruning?

In all our years as an Alpharetta tree service company, we have been asked many questions regarding the best way to take care of different kinds of trees. One common question voiced by many of our customers concerns the best time to prune trees. Before we can even tackle that issue, it’s important to know why pruning is necessary in the first place. Click here to read more »

Rapid Growing Trees That Provide Shade to Your Home

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