Summertime and the Planting’s Easy: Trees to Withstand the Heat

Summertime and the Planting’s Easy: Trees to Withstand the Heat

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Summertime and the Planting’s Easy: Trees to Withstand the Heat

Summer Trees

Can anything stand up to this heat? You can barely handle it, so how can a plant that is dependent on the right combination of nutrients going to thrive? If you don’t want your yard to be filled with cacti this summer, then consider planting a few of these trees which can give you the shade and vibrant yard you crave. Click here to read more »

How Fast do Trees Grow?

How fast do trees grow? Well, every tree is different – and how you plant them can make a big difference. Click here to read more »

Tips for Building a Treehouse

If you are ready to finally start that big treehouse project, here’s what you need to know. Click here to read more »

3 Reasons to Plant Trees Now

Reasons to Plant Trees Now

Know When a Tree is too Dangerous to be in Your Yard

One of the nicest things about spring is the return of the leaves on the trees. Most homeowners in the Atlanta area have trees that provide shade and add character to their landscaping. Unfortunately, trees can cause issues if they are damaged or diseased. A summer thunderstorm can cause damaged trees to fall onto homes, cars, play areas or other spaces that can cause significant property damage or cause injury to those inside those structures. As professionals in tree service, Yellow Ribbon wants to help you learn how to tell if a tree may be dangerous.

Most tree professionals look at a tree four ways; overall, from the ground, the trunk and the canopy. You can look at these areas as well to get a picture of your trees’ health. Click here to read more »

Trees that Provide the Best Shade in the Summer

As you look for shade trees to plant in your yard, keep in mind the kind of shade you want as well as whether the tree is a fast- or slow-growing variety. Depending on the look you want for your yard, one of these trees may fit your needs. A tree service in Atlanta can help you to find and plant shade trees that meet your needs. Call the Yellow Ribbon Tree experts for advice. Click here to read more »

Celebrate Arbor Day

What do a Spanish priest, a US President, and an Atlanta tree service have in common? Trees, of course! Are you ready for the last Friday in April? We sure hope so because Arbor Day is upon us here in Atlanta.

Arbor Day dates back to a Spanish village where in 1805 a local priest decided to hold a festival to plant trees while Napoleon was ravaging the rest of the European continent. Convinced that trees improved health and the environment, don Ramon Vacas Roxo held a three-day festival which featured dinners, dancing, and focused on planting trees in the village. Click here to read more »

What to do when Tree Limbs Fall in Your Yard

The term “April showers” is often a vast overstatement for the type of weather that can come in the spring. High winds often accompany the big rainstorms that herald the change of seasons. These winds can cause a huge amount of damage by blowing weakened tree limbs down onto houses and cars. Even when fallen limbs don’t directly harm anything, they make a huge mess that can cover an entire yard.

Fortunately, Yellow Ribbon Tree Removal Service Atlanta can help with this problem. Here are some of the ways we’ll do this: Click here to read more »

Why Spring is the Time to Plant Trees

While trees and shrubs are near permanent fixtures in our yard, even they have a circle of life. When is the best time to plant? When to remove? Yellow Ribbon, your trusted Atlanta tree service, has the answers. Click here to read more »

How Trees Prepare for the Spring

If you are concerned about the well-being of your trees, our Atlanta tree removal experts want you to know the signs that your trees are preparing for Spring. Fall and Winter change most trees in a drastic way, and new life and growth then flourish in the spring and summer.  Click here to read more »