The dry hot summer months can be a major stressor for trees. Without an adequate and reliable source of water, trees shift to survival mode. This may allow them to weather a drought, but it also greatly inhibits their ability to grow and flourish once the rains come. Below are some important tips from our Atlanta tree trimming experts to help your trees survive and stay healthy during drought months.

Things to Do

  1. Mulch is your tree’s best friend, especially during a drought. An adequate layer of mulch (three to four inches) protects the roots from the heat, prevents the growth of weeds and significantly reduces water evaporation. Additionally, mulch engenders the growth of healthy microorganisms that promote tree growth and health.
  2. For mature trees, water the area under the outermost leaves of the tree (the drip-line) rather than the leaves or near the trunk. For trees that are only about five years old, it’s alright to water near the trunk.
  3. Take your time watering your trees to give water ample time to cling to soil particles as it seeps into the ground. Based on our experience with Atlanta tree service, you should irrigate large trees at least every two to four weeks during a drought. Smaller trees may need watering more often in order to survive a period of drought, usually once a week.

Things to Avoid

  1. Do not trim or prune live branches during a drought. This forces a tree to use its energy to defend against the cuts rather than absorbing as much water and nutrients from the soil.
  2. Avoid digging under the canopy in times of drought as this kills small roots that help the tree quickly absorb water and moisture. Limit foot traffic and mower activity under the canopy as well.
  3. Do not over-fertilize trees in a period of drought as this can attract insects. Insects can damage a tree in a number of ways, forcing it to expend energy fighting off diseases.

As a long-time provider of a variety of reliable tree services in Atlanta, we have helped thousands of people across the region maintain healthy trees during all kinds of weather. Our knowledgeable and helpful tree experts are always available to answer any questions you may have regarding tree health and tree trimming in AtlantaIf you need assistance with debris hauling or storm recovery, call us. We can help you with these matters as well. Our tree specialists are knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of tree care in Atlanta.