As a trusted Atlanta tree company, we are primarily concerned with the health of the trees on your property. Healthy trees benefit both humans and the planet in terms of giving shade, providing food, cleaning up the air and beautifying the environment.

It is important to consult professional tree specialists as soon as you detect something amiss with your tree’s health. Below are symptoms of a dying or deceased tree. Watch out for them and contact us right away when you notice any of them on the trees on your property.


Visible symptoms of decay include dead branches, mushroom-like spores, wood that breaks easily and is soft as well as an enlarged base. Keep in mind that it can sometimes be difficult to spot decay as it usually affects the interior of the tree.

Poor Tree Structure

An unnatural growth pattern can be caused by environmental factors, severe storms or improper pruning. A tree that continues to grow favoring one side can lean so far that it can topple over. Check the way your tree grows. Correct and well-timed pruning can help make a tree grow straight and help you avoid potentially serious problems down the line.

Weak Branch Unions

Branches that grow so close together that there is bark trapped between them weakens the connection between the branch and the stem of the tree. These branches can suddenly snap or fall off and can cause significant damage to life and property. Weak branches also pose a potential danger to the tree itself. It is important to examine the branches of your trees to make sure the branch unions are strong and secure.


Sometimes bacteria or fungi infect trees through an open wound. Once inside, they attack the tree and, if left unchecked, can significantly weaken a tree. One result of this type of infection is the formation of cankers, which are areas of dead bark on your tree. Keep the areas around your tree clean and as free of opportunistic pests as possible. When you notice cankers on your tree, call an experienced tree specialist right away.

Take care of the trees on your property by seeing to their basic needs. For example, water them often, especially after periods of drought, keep their immediate area clean of debris and pests, and protect them from extreme temperatures. Watch out for exposed roots as root rot can be deadly for trees, and prune your trees properly and regularly to promote good health and continued growth.

You can count on Yellow Ribbon Tree Experts as well as an extensive range of professional tree services in Marietta and Roswell. We are committed to helping all our clients preserve and enjoy the trees on their property through regular and proper care. Call us for professional tree trimming in Atlanta as well as storm damage and disaster recovery.