Fall LeavesAutumn is a fantastic time of the year for those of us who love trees. Trees begin to change their leaves to create stunning color displays that amaze and delight us. Some trees are more breathtaking than others, however. Here are our favorite trees of fall.

Bald Cypress

Bald cypresses are interestingly both deciduous trees and conifers. They turn a vibrant shade of orange-red when the days begin to shorten. Bald cypresses can be found throughout most of the United States, and the tree removal authorities in Roswell find they are perfect for your Georgia backyard.

Sugar Maple

Sugar maples are one of the many varieties of maple on this list. They can be found everywhere except in the very hottest parts of the country, so Atlanta’s a great place for them. The leaves go through an entire color wheel during the year, going through several shades of green, then yellow, then orange and finally a deep red.

Red Maple

Like sugar maples, our Roswell tree service finds that red maples are great for Georgia properties. At least some part of the tree is red at all times of the year, but in fall, these trees turn a deep crimson. On occasion, they can turn bright yellow as well.

Black Tupelo

The fantastic thing about the black tupelo is that during the fall, it can have a variety of shades on the same branch or even in the same leaf. The leaves can turn your standard autumn yellows, oranges and reds, but they also can turn deep purple or scarlet.


Sourwood trees have beautiful, fragrant white flowers in early summer, and in autumn, the leaves turn shades of yellow, red and purple. Sourwoods love the weather and the soil here in the South, which makes them perfect for your backyard.


Sweetgums are beautiful trees all year round with deep and glossy green leaves in the spring and summer and yellow, red and purple leaves in autumn. These leaves stay on for a long time in the fall, letting you enjoy their color for longer than almost any other deciduous tree. Our experts in trees warn that sweetgums have one drawback: Their seeds are encased in large, round, spiky balls that will be all over your yard come autumn.

Japanese Maple

Japanese maples are shorter trees than their cousins, but they are stunning when fall arrives. They will typically have intense green or red leaves during the year that turn reddish-purple during the fall. These are a favorite amongst our Atlanta tree service’s clients. Reach out to your Yellow Ribbon Tree Experts to keep your beautiful trees healthy!