If you have several trees in your yard, then one of the most important things you can do for the overall health and Best Time to Prune Your Treesappearance of your trees is to schedule regular pruning. However, pruning isn’t as simple a task as many tree owners might believe. In fact, choosing the wrong time of year to prune your tree can end in disaster, running your tree’s look and possible causing it long term damage.

Before you prune your tree, it’s important that you pick the right season for the biggest results. Learn about the right seasons for pruning your home’s trees and find out how you can schedule simple and cost effective Atlanta tree trimming services.

Avoid Fall Pruning

Because fall is when the leaves start changing and falling off of the trees, many people assume that the autumn months are the perfect time to start pruning back their limbs. However, contrary to what you might believe, the fall months are the worst possible time to trim your trees, and may even result in serious tree damage.

Certain types of fungi that can tremendously harm your tree are more widespread during the fall and making any type of cut gives fungus the foothold that it needs to infect your tree. In addition, tree cuts to not heal as quickly during the fall as they do in other seasons, which means your tree is at risk for a longer period of time. Avoid fall pruning if at all possible.

Pruning During the Winter Months

Although it’s common to prune during the spring and summer, one of the best times of year to prune the trees in your yard is during the cold winter months. Winter pruning is so effective because these are the months when trees are in their dormant period, giving them time to heal before the growing season kicks into high gear.

Depending on the type of trees at your home, however, you may need to wait for the coldest months of the years have passed to prevent excessive sap bleeding. That being said, winter is the ideal time to prune your Atlanta trees.

Know What You Want Out of Pruning

When trying to pick the right time of year to prune your trees, you need to examine what your goal is in pruning. For instance, if you’re looking to improve the flowering of your trees, you need to examine when they stop flowering and then prune. Similarly, if you’re looking to halt or direct the growth of tree limbs, then you need to wait until seasonal growth has ended for the most effective pruning.

Examining what you’re looking to gain out of pruning your trees will go a long way towards letting you know the right pruning season.

Schedule Atlanta Tree Trimming Services

Picking the right pruning season for your Atlanta trees can be difficult if you’ve never done it before, which means you deserve expert help to make sure the job gets done correctly. For the best Atlanta tree trimming services, you need to work with the professionals at Yellow Ribbon Tree Experts. Our team is ready to trim your trees or give you any other landscaping service that you need. Get an estimate from us right away!