Tree planting need not be reserved for the spring months. Trees and shrubs can just as well be planted in autumn, though our Yellow Ribbon arborists know that certain factors will need to be taken into account.

Why You Should Plant in Autumn

All of the top Atlanta tree service companies know that fall is the prime time for tree planting. Soil is capable of promoting root growth even during the colder months of the year, so by planting trees in the fall, the roots will be mature enough to flourish come next year’s spring. You should avoid planting in the summertime because the dryness and heat of a Southern summer present too much of a risk to young trees.

Remember to dig a hole that is wider than it is deep when planting trees during this time of year. The majority of roots thrive in the first 12 to 18 inches of soil but will spread outward up to three times the width of its root network. By digging too deep, you run the risk of giving your newly planted tree a premature death. The general rule of thumb is to measure the root ball and triple the width of the hole by that much.

The type of tree you wish to plant has an effect on when it should be planted. Deciduous trees tend to go dormant in autumn (pay attention to the dropping of leaves), while Evergreens offer planters more wiggle room. Remember to water your trees thoroughly because the rate of moisture absorption is reduced to a great degree when wintery weather blows in. The ground hardens and slows the flow of groundwater, even in the South

Atlanta tree service will make sure both the new and old trees on your property are healthy and properly cared for, so be sure to ask our tree pros at Yellow Ribbon about a free consultation.