Each year, countless homeowners decide to prune their trees in a process known as tree topping. This process can make your trees look more pleasing and improve the overall appeal of your yard, but it can actually benefit your property and your trees as well. Here are some of the many benefits of topping your trees.

Improve Overall Tree Health

When your tree maintenance company tops your trees, it can actually improve their overall health. Any diseased, dead or broken parts of the tree will be removed, which prevents future disease and decay from taking hold in healthy parts of the tree.

If disease and decay are left unchecked, they can not only kill the tree they originated in, but they can also spread to other trees on your property. If you don’t have your trees topped and inspected once a year, it’s possible that you could lose most or all of the trees in your yard just because you didn’t realize one of them had health issues.

Help Young Trees Grow

Like teenagers, young trees are gangly and awkward. They often grow in strange ways, and if left unchecked, those odd growth patterns can make for an unattractive adult tree that may not be able to thrive.

Topping your young trees helps them to grow in a way that is both aesthetically pleasing and healthy. Your tree service will selectively trim the young tree so that it will grow to have a desirable appearance as well as structural integrity. It will be able to thrive and mature.

Increase Safety

If you live in an area that gets violent wind or thunderstorms, you know that trees can cause major damage when the weather gets rough. By having your trees professionally trimmed, you are helping to ensure the safety of both your family and your property when storms arrive.

The tree trimmers will remove any branches or tree limbs that might pose a danger and reduce any excessive growth that might contribute to a tree toppling during extensive rainfall.

Reduce Shading

When your yard is beautifully and carefully landscaped, a tree providing too much shade can present a problem. Careful tree topping can help to remove some of the excess shade your trees provide, allowing your garden to open up and flourish with better access to sunlight. This can also be beneficial if you want to let more natural light into your home or if you use solar panels to create energy.