Tips for holiday lightingAs your Atlanta area tree experts, we love seeing all your holiday yard decorations. Whether you add a few festive lights for the family to enjoy or go all out for the neighborhood holiday lighting competition, these easy tips will get you started.

4 Ways to Easy Holiday Lighting

Tree Lights

Wrapping your outdoor trees with holiday lights can create a magical display to brighten those dark winter nights. Trees that have shed their leaves are perfect for wrapping with lots of string lights. Whether you choose all white or multicolored, the more lights you use in your trees, the better it will look. LED mini-lights are optimal because they are cooler, brighter, last longer, use less energy, and you can connect more strands together. Also, when one light goes out, it will not cause the others to go out, which is perfect for trees.

Bush Lights

When decorating your bushes and shrubs, use different styles of lights on different sized plants. For hedges or large bushes, use net lights for even coverage. Net lights are easy to install because they just lay on top of the bushes. Small shrubs that are low to the ground look great with strands of single-colored lights wrapped around them. In groupings, consider placing a different color on each shrub. Tall evergreens can be decorated just like you would a Christmas tree with multi-colored lights wrapped around them. Using all white lights on all bushes and trees can give your yard an elegant look.

Path Lights

Lighting pathways and driveways with a row of lights will give your lighting display extra depth. Never line pathways with the lights sitting directly on the ground. Instead, use elevated lights on stakes that push into the ground. There is a wide variety of pathway lights available, from holiday shapes to over-sized individual lights. Choose ones you like the best, but just make sure to line the entire length of the path or it will look unfinished.

House Lights

When decorating your home with holiday lights, the sky is the limit. Icicle lights are perfect for the architectural features of your home, such as roof lines, arches, bay windows, and porches. Rather than framing the outline of windows with string lights, wrap wreaths with lights and large red ribbons, then place in front of each window on the front of your home. The wreaths look great during the day and even better at night with the lights lit up. Frame your entryway or front-facing garage doors with string lights and hang large lighted wreaths in the middle.

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