A recent study by researchers in Toronto points out what most of us already knew: trees are beneficial for your health in more ways than one. Adding trees to the city’s urban areas actually improved the resident’s health and emotional outlook, according to the study. We’re a long way from Toronto, but making sure you are surrounded by trees can give you and your family the same benefits!

Caring for Trees in Atlanta

When to Plant

When you first plant a tree, it could go into transplant shock – being introduced to new soil and new environmental factors can reduce its ability to grow and thrive. Planting your tree at the right time and during ideal weather conditions cuts your risk and ensures that the perfect tree you worked hard to pick out for your yard actually survives the planting process.

Atlanta falls into the Hardiness Zone 7B, making the winter months the best time to plant a deciduous tree. Choose a tree that is right for our area and for the soil type and pH you have in your yard. You also need to consider where the tree will go, both for your home aesthetics and for the health of the tree. For best results, plant your new tree sometime between November and March to give it time to take root and get acclimated before hot weather and the demands of spring arrive.

When to Prune

Prune your existing trees in the dormant winter months for best results; pruning in the fall could actually damage your trees. If you are not sure what kind of trees you have or how to prune them, call a tree specialist to protect your valuable trees and boost your home’s curb appeal, too.

When to Call for Help

If your trees have thrived so well they are encroaching on your home or shading a little too much of your yard, it may be time for an expert to take a look. You’ve taken great care of your plants, but once they hit a certain size, it will require an expert arborist with the right equipment to trim them safely.

You should also call for help if you see wilting, die off or other problems in a formerly healthy tree. In many cases, our Atlanta tree care specialists can diagnose the problem and treat it quickly, saving both your tree and your landscape and eliminating the risk of a costly removal.

Need help planting, pruning or caring for your own trees? The tree care specialists and Atlanta arborists at Yellow Ribbon Tree Experts are here to help. Contact us to talk about your yard, your trees and how we can help you get a yard you’ll love!