Ahh—summer. Warmer weather, lots of sunshine, cook outs, and more time outside. There is a lot to enjoy during a Georgia summer besides the humidity, mosquitos, and worse of all, ant infestations. How are you supposed to enjoy your summer when you are constantly worrying about getting bit by an ant? Anyone who has accidently stepped on an ant hill in Atlanta knows there are thousands of ants living in an ant colony. This poses a threat to your pets, children, and the plants and trees in your yard.

Why are ant infestations dangerous?

ant infested treeThere are different types of ants, but anyone who has been bitten by an ant know they all hurt. No one wants their children or animals playing in ant hills and risking this kind of pain. But have you thought about what ant colonies can do to your plants and trees?

Most ants, like Carpenter ants, like to live in wood. They will dig smooth tunnels under the surface that we cannot see. Over time, this weakens the wood, and can prevent a tree from standing up straight. Keep an eye out for leaning or weak looking trees—they may be infested with ants. Carpenter ants are easy to spot because they deposit the wood they eat into in a pile outside of their homes. These are the ant hills we see. Some ant infestations are more difficult to spot, but just as dangerous.

How do I get rid of an ant infestation?

Getting rid of an ant infestation without hurting your tree may be a little tricky by yourself. It is best you call a professional. Certain tactics like tree injection with insecticides or other chemicals will kill ants without harming the tree. Hiring a professional is the safest option, but if you must attempt killing an ant infestation yourself, you can try these simple tricks:

  • Kill the queen (the larger ant with wings)

The queen ant is easy to locate once visible, because it will be larger and will be the only ant with wings. The queen ant is the one that repopulates the ant colony and keeps it growing. If you kill the queen, the ant infestation will slowly die out. The queen is usually found at the bottom of the ant colony, so be careful if you go looking for her.

  • Blocking the routes of the worker ants

The worker ants usually leave a scent behind them when they travel so they know how to get back home when they are out gathering food. If you can find and block the trail of the ants with a rock or something similar, the ant hill may slowly die down as well.

Ant infestations damage your trees and cause a risk to your home. Damaged trees can become weak, and fall onto your car or home, costing you lots of money to repair. If you are worried about a tree in your yard, call Yellow Ribbon Tree, Atlanta’s professional tree removal and trimming service. We are a seven-year consecutive recipient of the Angie’s List Super Service Award and serve the Metro Atlanta area. You can call us for a free estimate on whatever tree removal needs you desire. If you are worried about an ant infestation, we would be more than happy to check it out. Call today at 770-512-8733.