8 Plants to Plant This Winter SeasonIf you’re interested in doing some planting before the winter months hit, you should first make sure you’re familiar with the plant hardiness zone for Georgia. Metro Atlanta falls in zone 7b, which means that at its most extreme weather, the minimum temperature is 5 to 10 degrees Farenheit.

When looking for plants that will survive the Georgia winter, make sure you buy plants that can live in your zone. Here are some plants that will do well in zone 7b (and throughout all of Georgia) and will add a nice pop of color during the winter months:

Mahonias (zones 6-9)

  • Mahonias are hardy shrubs that have yellow blooms in the winter and a tropical, fern-like look to them. Their flowers grow into grape-like clusters, and they are very fragrant.

Hellebores or Christmas Rose (zones 6-9)

  • The Hellbores, or Christmas Rose, is a winter perennial that has white, pink or purple blooms. It is a long-lasting plant that blooms from winter to spring and does best in shady areas.

Winter Jasmine (zones 6-9)

  • Winter Jasmine is a low-maintenance, yellow flowering shrub that will grow in almost any soil. It is similar to forsythia but blooms longer and tolerates shade well.

Witch Hazels (zones 5-8)

  • With Hazels are interesting shrubs that produce spidery red, orange, and yellow blooms from late fall to early spring. These tall, deciduous plants can grow to 15 feet, so they are perfect for large yards.

Camellia Japonicas (zones 7-9)

  • Camellia Japonicas are Eastern Asian shrubs that have hundreds of varieties. In the South, these red, pink, or white flowers can grow to 5” wide and bloom from late winter to early spring.

Sweetbox Shrubs (zones 6-9)

  • Swwtbox Shrubs are bushy evergreens with tiny white blossoms. They produce a sweet fragrance in winter and do well near entryways where the scent can be enjoyed by visitors.

Winter Daphnes (zones 7-9)

  • Winter Daphnes are fragrant evergreen shrubs that have little pink and white winter blooms. Growing no more than 3 feet high and 4 feet wide, they work well along walkways and borders.

Flowering Quince (zones 4-9)

  • The Flowering Quince is a deciduous shrub that will grow in nearly any type soil. During the spring and summer, it is a tangle of thorny branches that can be used to create natural fences. Its bright red blooms are a welcome pop of color in late winter.