Trees provide some truly natural beauty to homes and businesses throughout Atlanta, and if you’ve made the great Keeping Your Trees Healthydecision to plant trees on your property, then you want to make sure that you do everything in your power to keep your trees healthy. While many people don’t realize it, caring for trees is actually a very involved process, which means you need to get the right care advice to make sure that your valued trees thrive.

Read about five things that you can do to keep your trees healthy and find out why you need experienced Atlanta tree service to get tree care advice.

Know About Your Trees

The most important part of keeping your tree health is understanding your tree’s specific needs. For example, do you know what type of soil your tree is best suited for? Is it drought resistant or will it need regularly watering during a dry spell? Answering these kind of questions will allow you to come up with an effective plan of care to make sure that the trees on your property stay health and provide the appearance that you want and need.

Safeguard the Root System

Giving your trees the care that they need starts with maintaining a healthy root system. When the root system of your tree is healthy and receiving enough oxygen, then your tree will be healthy and strong. Primarily, you need to make sure that the soil around your roots is loose enough to allow the free flow of oxygen. Additionally, you need to avoid changing the type of soil that you use around your tree, which can negatively affect root health.

Care for Tree Bark

The bark of your tree acts as a shield, protecting the wood underneath from funguses and damaging tree viruses. If you’re looking to keep your trees healthy, then you need to be certain to protect the bark. Make sure that no one spot suffers undue stress, such as with a repetitive watering device, lawn tools or branches that rub against each other so that you can maintain bark integrity and the overall health of your tree.

Prune Regularly

While many tree owners only schedule pruning for dead limbs, proper pruning actually extends beyond that, and can actually improve the health of your tree. In addition to dead branches, you should be sure to prune low hanging branches and branches that are intertwined. Choosing the right pruning tasks can expose your tree to more light and allow it to grow more freely, improving its overall health.

Water Intelligently

The most important part of every type of plant care, including tree care, is to make sure your plants have enough water. However, it’s important that you water intelligently and effectively to make sure your care gets the care it needs. For instance, during the dormant winter season, your tree should not need any watering, but during the summer months, you need to make sure to give your trees a good drink every once in awhile.

Work with Expert Atlanta Tree Services

The best tip for making sure your important trees stay healthy is to work with experienced Atlanta tree services, which is why you need to partner with Yellow Ribbon Tree Experts. We provide tree trimming, stump removal and other landscaping service so that your property always looks great. Contact us today to learn how we can help you!