When is it time to remove a tree from your propertyTrees add to the aesthetic appeal of your property with their colorful blooming leaves in spring and the much-needed shade from the summer heat. However, as a result of age and other factors, they can also cause damage or injury when they are dying or are already dead. As a homeowner, what signs should you look for to prevent potential danger? Listed below are five most common signs that you should look out for to have your tree removed.

5 Ways to Know it’s Time to Remove Your Tree

1. It’s dead.

A dead tree is of no use, and because of wood decay, it will attract unwanted insects to your yard. You can tell if a tree is dead by looking at its base, the presence of mushrooms or carpenter ants is a sure sign of a dead tree. The tree will slowly starts to dry up losing its color, and the leaves will not grow back, even in springtime, which can make it an eyesore on your property.

2. It’s too close for comfort.

It’s time to remove your tree when you notice that it’s heavily leaning towards the ground. This might happen due to wind, age or other factors. To prevent damage to your property, have it removed as soon as possible.

3. It’s overgrown or messy.

When falling leaves are all you have to deal with, a tree does not seem that much of an inconvenience. However, some trees release excessive amounts of sap or seeds. Over time, this becomes a nuisance that you do not want to deal with every morning. Overgrown trees will block window views inconveniencing you and will become a major attraction for birds looking to nest. This comes with the added nuisance of having bird droppings all over your home.

4. Need to make some landscaping changes to your yard.

You may decide that your yard needs a facelift and making a few landscape changes would go a long way. Be it creating sidewalks, putting up a garden or creating space for a pool, having a large tree somewhere in your yard can make a landscaping plan difficult.

5. Roots start running wild.

As your tree matures, its roots also grow deeper as it reaches out for nutrients. Sometimes the positioning of the roots may prove damaging especially if located underneath driveway or walkways. You will notice signs of cracked or raised concrete as a result.

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