As a long-time provider of tree trimming and removal services in Georgia, our knowledge of and experience with trees is vast and encompassing. We are well aware of the role trees play in our local and world-wide ecosystem, in beautifying our environment and in maintaining the planet’s health by providing it with clean air.

The destruction of our rain forests is devastating on any scale and from any point of view. Once covering 14 percent of the land surface of the earth, rain forests now comprise a mere 6 percent. If nothing is done to stem this loss, scientists and environmentalists estimate that the remaining rain forests will be gone in less than 40 years.

The rain forests produce more than 20 percent of the world’s oxygen. They are home to more than 50 percent of the 10 million species of animals, insects and plants in the world. Eighty percent of the world’s diet originated in the tropical rain forests. With each acre of rain forest lost, potential cures for some of mankind’s most devastating diseases may be lost forever.

Below are some of the products behind the current rate of deforestation.


Acres of rain forest in Brazil, Paraguay and Bolivia are being cleared for soy farms. Much of the soy produced in these farms is used in animal feeds for pigs, chickens and cattle.


A growing global population and an expanding middle class (especially in Asia) are fueling an increasing demand for beef and other meat products all over the world. This demand for beef is the driving force behind the clearing of rain forests to produce soy.

Palm Oil

One of the most efficient sources of vegetable oil, this product is the leading cause of deforestation in countries like Indonesia and Malaysia.


Aside from soy, the rain forests of Papua New Guinea are also being sacrificed for this prized commodity. Both soy and cocoa are exported to developed countries.

Wood Pulp

The rain forests of Indonesia are slowly giving way to vast wood pulp plantations. Wood pulp is used for a multitude of paper products and different types of textiles.

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