There are many reasons to plant trees. People plant trees at their homes, in parks, neighborhoods, and other places across the community for several different purposes. In addition to providing beauty to the surrounding environment, trees are very helpful.

Here are three main reasons to plant trees:

  1. Trees help clean our environment

    Trees help clean our rivers and streams by holding soil in place and reducing polluted runoff from entering our waterways. They also remove carbon dioxide from our atmosphere! Trees and other plants provide the necessary oxygen humans and animals need to survive. Without trees it would be very difficult to breathe!

  2. Trees increase the value of your home

    Studies show that placing trees around your home can increase its value up to 15% or more. Trees help provide shade and add some extra aesthetics to your home’s yard. By adding beautiful spring blooms and fall leaves, you can increase your home’s value and make a profit when you sell your house.

  3. Trees conserve energy and save money
    Shading your home with trees can actually save you money! Planting the right tree in the right place can reduce your air conditioning costs by 15-35%. By putting your home in the shade, your house is not in direct sunlight, and your home’s air conditioning system does not have to work as hard to keep the house cool.

Trees are a positive addition to the environment and community for the many benefits they provide. By keeping the environment clean, increasing the value of your home and properties, and conserving energy and money, planting trees is always a good idea!

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Reasons to Plant Trees Now