Atlanta Arboretums

Everyone loves fall because the leaves are changing and the temperature is getting cooler. Before you start planning all of your autumn activities, though, you should make some time to visit these three arboretums near Atlanta. They are all beautiful and have something different to offer, and fall is the best time to visit.

Arboretums Near Atlanta

  • Atlanta Beltline Arboretum – While it is not completely finished, this is a great place to visit. Once it is fully realized, it will be 22 miles in length. This is a great place to go and support because Trees Atlanta is organizing the entire reforestation of the corridor. Depending on where you are located in the Atlanta area, you can easily get to the Atlanta Beltline Arboretum because it is located along the corridor and is connected to many popular areas of the city. You can see the natural neighborhoods as they are being restored to their beauty.
  • Atlanta Botanical Garden – If you are from the area, you have likely already heard about the Atlanta Botanical Garden. The great thing about this arboretum is that they are constantly putting on an event so you can enjoy nature with friends in a new way. You can even catch a concert at this arboretum. Because of their vast amount of events, some being family-friendly, you can get a membership but you do not have to have one to simply go view the beauty of nature in the city. This is a favorite spot for many urban nature lovers all around Atlanta.
  • Cox Arboretum – This arboretum is approximately 40 miles north of the city in Canton but it is worth the trip. The arboretum features one of the largest private collections of specimens in the United States. There are many different varieties of flora. It sits on 13 acres and is privately owned by the Cox family. They have been awarded level II accreditation. This is a great place to visit because you can simply go and enjoy a large collection of plants and trees in their natural habitat.

At Yellow Ribbon, we love trees – both inside arboretums and out. If you need some help with trees in your backyard this fall, call the Atlanta tree specialists.

Image courtesy of: Wikimedia Commons