Atlanta Tree Removal

No one likes to see a tree cut down needlessly, but there are times when tree removal in Atlanta is necessary. Trees often need to be removed for safety or aesthetic purposes. AnAtlanta arborist from Yellow Ribbon Tree Experts are knowledgeable professionals and are thoroughly trained to make judgment calls on which trees should be removed.

A tree that is dead or dying can be very dangerous to its surroundings and should be removed. Such trees are very unstable, and could collapse without warning, damaging your yard and home. The next storm could send these trees crashing into your roof or power lines, in which case they will be considerably more difficult to remove. If your trees are dead or dying, Atlanta tree removal is necessary to prevent serious damage.

A tree may also need to be removed if it is inhibiting the growth of surrounding plant life. Smaller plants growing around trees may suffer from lack of sunlight, water and nutrients. Sometimes this problem can be solved by choosing hardy plants and making sure that they are well watered and fertilized, but sometimes the tree simply must go to allow the other plants to thrive.

Another common reason for tree removal in Atlanta is to make room for something new. If you are expanding or renovating your home, it simply may not be possible to work around your trees. Once the renovation is complete, you can always plant a new tree to replace what was cut down.

Finally, Atlanta tree removal is sometimes necessary to deal with trees that have outgrown their space. As the root system expands, it could cause cracks in your driveway or foundation. A tree that has grown too close to your house can lead to mold on your siding or squirrels in your attic.

Tree removal is not a DIY project. It can be very dangerous, especially around power lines, and should only be attempted by a skilled, experienced professional, such as the Atlanta tree removal specialists at Yellow Ribbon Tree Experts.

Atlanta Stump Grinding

Often when a dangerous tree is removed, some companies will leave you the stump to deal with. Not us! We have machines made specially to grind these stumps into beneficial chips that can be used as mulch. We offer free Atlanta stump grinding with all tree work!

Atlanta Tree Removal is our specialty. No matter where your tree is, Yellow Ribbon Tree Experts can handle the job! Call Yellow Ribbon Tree Experts today at (770) 512-TREE to get a free estimate for Atlanta tree removal or any of our other Atlanta tree services.