Trees that Provide the Best Shade in the Summer

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Trees that Provide the Best Shade in the Summer

As you look for shade trees to plant in your yard, keep in mind the kind of shade you want as well as whether the tree is a fast- or slow-growing variety. Depending on the look you want for your yard, one of these trees may fit your needs. A tree service in Atlanta can… Continue Reading

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Celebrate Arbor Day

What do a Spanish priest, a US President, and an Atlanta tree service have in common? Trees, of course! Are you ready for the last Friday in April? We sure hope so because Arbor Day is upon us here in Atlanta. Arbor Day dates back to a Spanish village where in 1805 a local priest… Continue Reading

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What to do when Tree Limbs Fall in Your Yard

The term “April showers” is often a vast overstatement for the type of weather that can come in the spring. High winds often accompany the big rainstorms that herald the change of seasons. These winds can cause a huge amount of damage by blowing weakened tree limbs down onto houses and cars. Even when fallen… Continue Reading

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Why Spring is the Time to Plant Trees

While trees and shrubs are near permanent fixtures in our yard, even they have a circle of life. When is the best time to plant? When to remove? Yellow Ribbon, your trusted Atlanta tree service, has the answers.

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5 Reasons to Get Outside Right Now

In many parts of the country people prefer to stay indoors during the cool winter months. As fall turns into winter, our trees lose their leaves. Snow begins to fall on the ground. Roads are icy. Days are short. Without a really good reason, most people don’t venture into the outdoors when it’s cold out…. Continue Reading

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How Trees Prepare for the Spring

If you are concerned about the well-being of your trees, our Atlanta tree removal experts want you to know the signs that your trees are preparing for Spring. Fall and Winter change most trees in a drastic way, and new life and growth then flourish in the spring and summer. 

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Tips for Growing and Maintaining Healthy Trees

Your yard and the landscaping of your yard are probably important to you. When you are manicuring your lawn and flowers, you might realize that your trees need some extra attention, too. As a long-time Atlanta tree company, we know that trees need help with maintenance and growth throughout their lives. When you assist them… Continue Reading

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Prevent Tree Limb Hazards in Your Yard

There can be so much devastation surrounding your area after extreme weather conditions. The ground is usually covered with broken tree limbs, and in some cases, giant limbs can damage cars and homes. Our Alpharetta tree service professionals want to help you prevent this from happening to you and your family by sharing what to look… Continue Reading

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Why You Need a Tree Stump Removal Service

If you have had a tree removed from your yard in the past, you probably have a stump sitting on your property. Maybe you have moved into a new home and you have a yard filled with tree stumps. Here are a few reasons that you might need to get those stumps professionally removed by… Continue Reading

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Is Winter the Best Time To Trim Your Trees?

Healthy trees are often majestic and towering, and it’s easy to think they don’t need much human intervention to simply continue being the awesome living things that they seem to be. But trees do need our care and attention in order to stay healthy and strong. In our many years of providing reliable Alpharetta tree… Continue Reading