Bugs That are Bad for Trees

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Bugs That are Bad for Trees

Not all insects are damaging to trees, but some are capable of killing a surprising large number of trees in a short period of time. As professionals that provide tree removal in Atlanta, we encounter forest insects all the time and can tell the difference between a minor pest and one that’s a major threat…. Continue Reading

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Tree Care Tips for Atlanta Residents

Trees and shrubs are an essential part of any human environment, and a professional tree service in Atlanta may be the answer to all your landscaping needs. If you’re interested in some tips for planting and removing trees, check out the information below.

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Summertime and the Planting’s Easy: Trees to Withstand the Heat

Can anything stand up to this heat? You can barely handle it, so how can a plant that is dependent on the right combination of nutrients going to thrive? If you don’t want your yard to be filled with cacti this summer, then consider planting a few of these trees which can give you the… Continue Reading

06 / 25

How Fast do Trees Grow?

How fast do trees grow? Well, every tree is different – and how you plant them can make a big difference.

06 / 18

Tips for Building a Treehouse

If you are ready to finally start that big treehouse project, here’s what you need to know.

06 / 11

Weathering Summer Storms

Floods in Houston, storms on the East Coast — bad weather happens in the Summer. Even your run of the mill thunderstorm can damage your beautiful trees with lightning strikes or high winds. How can you best be prepared for Mother Nature’s yearly fury? And what can you do after they occur to stay safe?… Continue Reading

06 / 04

How to Take Care of Your Trees in the Summer

Ready to help your trees through the hot summer months? Here’s what you need to know!

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Need to Remove Stumps to Install a Pool?

Spring is here and it’s the perfect time to get started on that in-ground pool project you’ve been planning. You’ve decided this is the year to get started, but you’ve got one last obstacle – trees and tree stumps in your build site.

05 / 14

Know When a Tree is too Dangerous to be in Your Yard

One of the nicest things about spring is the return of the leaves on the trees. Most homeowners in the Atlanta area have trees that provide shade and add character to their landscaping. Unfortunately, trees can cause issues if they are damaged or diseased. A summer thunderstorm can cause damaged trees to fall onto homes,… Continue Reading