Yellow Ribbon Provides Atlanta Storm Damage and Disaster Recovery

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Yellow Ribbon Provides Atlanta Storm Damage and Disaster Recovery

Yellow Ribbon Provides Atlanta Storm Damage and Disaster Recovery

The late summer months can be particularly harsh on Atlanta trees and shrubs. As the temperature cools and the weather becomes a bit more unpredictable, the important landscape pieces are not always equipped to handle the stresses that come with the transition into winter. Because of this, it is incredibly important to address any storm… Continue Reading

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Why You Should Keep Your Trees Pruned

Why You Should Keep Your Trees Pruned

If you have trees and shrubbery on your property, you should know why to keep them properly pruned. It’s important to take care of the flora and keep your landscaping healthy and looking kempt. Your plants and your neighbors will thank you. Read on to learn more about why it’s a good idea to keep… Continue Reading

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How Keeping Your Trees Trimmed Can Keep Your Land Safe

Keeping Your Trees Trimmed Can Keep Your Land Safe

Trees with poor root systems, dead spots, dead limbs and disease can pose a hazard to your home and your land. The windy winter months can cause dead limbs to break and fall, and they can be damaging to whatever they hit. Small branches can cause damage, but larger limbs and trees can cause major… Continue Reading

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Atlantans Rejoice! Studies Show Living Near Trees is Good for Your Health

A recent study by researchers in Toronto points out what most of us already knew: trees are beneficial for your health in more ways than one. Adding trees to the city’s urban areas actually improved the resident’s health and emotional outlook, according to the study. We’re a long way from Toronto, but making sure you… Continue Reading

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7 Tips for Planting Trees Better

Tips for successful tree planting

Planting is usually associated exclusively with the spring time when the winter frost melts away and the spring sun warms the ground. However, the best time to plant your trees and work in your yard is actually the fall. The soil is still warm enough through the winter months that the roots are able to… Continue Reading

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What is a Seasonal Needle Drop?

Evergreens seasonal needle drop

Every year, evergreens will experience what is known as a seasonal needle drop. This needle drop is a normal part of its cycle. Needles of conifers have different life spans and don’t remain on the tree indefinitely. Many evergreen needles will turn yellow and brown as they age and later drop off. The change can… Continue Reading

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Should You Wrap Your Tree Trunks in the Winter?

How to wrap trees for winter

While trees are resilient, some trees are susceptible to damage during the winter months, so they may need a little extra protection. Our expert arborists in Atlanta recommend wrapping your trees before winter temperatures drop to keep them healthy and strong for the next growing cycle. Why Do Trees Need Wraps? You might think that… Continue Reading

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Keep Your Christmas Tree Fresh With These 4 Tips

Tips for keeping your Christmas tree fresh

There are many people who believe that Christmas is not Christmas without a freshly-cut tree in their living room but have no idea how to keep it looking fresh and preserved all season long. If you’re going to invest in a real tree this holiday season, there are five easy tips that you can use… Continue Reading

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Beautiful Outdoor Holiday Lighting in 4 Easy Steps

Tips for holiday lighting

As your Atlanta area tree experts, we love seeing all your holiday yard decorations. Whether you add a few festive lights for the family to enjoy or go all out for the neighborhood holiday lighting competition, these easy tips will get you started. 4 Ways to Easy Holiday Lighting Tree Lights Wrapping your outdoor trees… Continue Reading

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5 Signs for Knowing it’s Time to Remove Your Tree

When is it time to remove a tree from your property

Trees add to the aesthetic appeal of your property with their colorful blooming leaves in spring and the much-needed shade from the summer heat. However, as a result of age and other factors, they can also cause damage or injury when they are dying or are already dead. As a homeowner, what signs should you… Continue Reading