Checklist for Winter Tree Care

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Checklist for Winter Tree Care

Trees are incredibly resilient, but that doesn’t mean they cannot benefit from our care, especially during winter. As a long-time Atlanta tree service company, we recommend taking the following steps to make sure your trees survive the cold winter months. Click here to read more »

When Does a Tree on Your Property Become Dangerous?

We are a long-time provider of reliable and professional Atlanta tree services, including expert Atlanta tree trimming. As such, we have assisted hundreds of our customers through the years in dealing with problematic trees on their properties. Read on below to find out if you have a tree that poses a threat to your family and property. Click here to read more »

How To Plant New Trees This Fall

Fall is a good time to plant trees. The weather is cooler, the sunlight is less harsh and there is still plenty of time before the spring growing season for the tree to establish itself. However, planting a tree is not the same as planting other plants. You can’t just dig a hole, put the tree in it and expect it to thrive. Our Yellow Ribbon Tree Experts wish to offer you some advice on how to plant your tree this autumn. If you need further assistance with tree service needs, fill out our form for a free estimate. Click here to read more »

Fruit Tree Maintenance for Fall

Fruit trees are a delight to have in your garden throughout the year. They have beautiful blooms in spring, they are bright green throughout the summer, and in the fall, their fruit ripens into delicious and wholesome food for you and your family. However, our Roswell, Georgia tree trimming professionals note fall is also the time when your fruit trees will need the most maintenance. Click here to read more »

Life-saving Trees

As a successful tree care business in Georgia with many years of service to residents of the Peach State, we have developed a unique and profound understanding of our beautiful southern trees. A recent study conducted by the U.S. Forest Service and the Davey Institute concluded that trees save lives. This is something we here at Yellow Ribbon Tree Experts have known and believed for many years. In the course of delivering a wide range of reliable and efficient tree services in Atlanta, our knowledge and appreciation of trees only continues to grow and deepen with each passing year. Click here to read more »

The Best Time to Plant a Tree

Tree planting need not be reserved for the spring months. Trees and shrubs can just as well be planted in autumn, though our Yellow Ribbon arborists know that certain factors will need to be taken into account. Click here to read more »

Why Trees Are Beneficial to the Environment

Many of us take Mother Nature for granted every day. Mass commercial development, pollution and a rapid increase in logging activities has placed great strain on the planet and its natural resources. A lot of people forget that without trees, the Earth’s oxygen levels would be depleted. Trust Georgia’s top tree service company — by just planting one, you are making a significant contribution to the environment. Click here to read more »

Diseases That Could Potentially Harm Your Tree

Keeping the trees on your property healthy should be a top priority, especially since the common diseases that affect them are frequently contagious. It is rarely the case where only one specimen becomes afflicted, so it is imperative that home and business owners keep a watchful eye out for any changes that may occur.

Our Atlanta tree removal specialists are aware that many people lack the proper experience to accurately assess tree health, which is why we recommend that you contact us at the first sign of an issue. It is far better to be safe than sorry if you think something is not right. The sooner the disease is identified, the sooner our Atlanta tree service technicians can isolate the affected tree and stop the damage from spreading further. Click here to read more »

How to Determine the Age of Your Tree Without Cutting It Down

Trees live hundreds to thousands of years, believe it or not. For a long time, it was believed that the only way to truly know a tree’s age was by counting its growth rings. Every year, a new ring is etched into the trunk, which is why most specimens have a noticeably vast spiral pattern. Contact Yellow Ribbon Tree Experts to tell you how old your trees are without counting the rings and decide whether they need to be removed. Click here to read more »

Top 5 Native Trees in Georgia

Home to an ecological diversity that includes mountain ranges in the north and swamplands in the south, Georgia boasts of a variety of ecosystems where a wide range of plants and trees thrive. Microclimates give rise to certain types of plants and trees that have adapted uniquely to their surroundings. For instance, according to our knowledgeable arborists, the eastern white pine (Pinus strobus) abounds in the cool, mountainous region of northern Georgia but is rarely seen in the southern part of the state where the heat and humidity restrict its growth.

Below are five common trees that are native to the Peach State with their Latin names and a brief description for each one.

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